International schools are affected by Brexit

The departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union has dealt a severe blow to the economic and institutional relations between both parties, but also leaves in the way a multitude of international schools, based in Spain, which manufactured their uniform in the United Kingdom. In this sense, there are many international educational centers […]

WHO recommendations for a safe return to school

Among the advice proposed by the WHO for a safe return to school, distancing measures such as maintaining a meter between desks, creating hand washing schedules, taking the temperature, disinfecting daily, staggered recess, promoting tele school or teaching classes stand out. fresh air. Everything seems to indicate that, in mid-September, […]

Camacho offers to manufacture medical supplies for the coronavirus

We inform you that the activity in our company is currently developing with total normality with respect to internal production. Camacho has wanted to contribute his grain of sand by making himself available to the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare to manufacture sanitary material and thus contribute to the critical need expressed by the Central Government to combat the coronavirus epidemic. For it, […]

Work uniformity, a key element to feel good

At CAMACHO we also manufacture work uniforms for important multinationals. Choosing the right workwear can be a real challenge for many companies. Camacho as a specialist in uniforms shows in his new blog entry, how to achieve a proper brand image through personalized workwear. You want to know more? The voice of a brand is its workers, although sometimes they […]

We start the 2019 academic year with New clients and News

Going back to school can sometimes be a bit complicated… going back to routines, daily tasks, early rises…. However, in Camacho -school uniforms- we started the course with renewed energy and new expectations for the 2019-2020 school season. During these days in Camacho we are already ending our most hectic time after preparing and delivering the orders for […]

Interview with José Enrique González Jesús, Head of Continuous Improvement at Camacho

Find out how we have implemented the Lean philosophy in the manufacturing processes of our uniforms. We have spoken with our collaborator, José Enrique González Jesús, Resp. Production of Camacho School Uniforms, with whom we have discussed his work as Head of the Continuous Improvement Team. Enrique invites us to accompany him in his day to day at the […]

Camacho Equality and Conciliation Model

Very happy to successfully pass the EFR mark audit with an excellent result and upgrade to PROACTIVA B. Camacho Uniformes Escolares has renewed the EFR Companies Seal this month after successfully passing the audit carried out by AENOR, thus achieving position as one of the Spanish SMEs more committed and respectful […]

“With Camacho we are unstoppable” Mr. Manuel Alanís, CH AYAMONTE

From Uniformes Camacho we interviewed the management of this club of which we are sponsors and official supplier. In Uniformes Escolares Camacho we have signed a sponsorship agreement with the Ayamonte Hockey School, becoming the official supplier. We take care of the kits of the players of the Absolute Men's and Women's Hockey Teams […]