At Camacho Fabricación Textil we firmly believe in standardized, audited and certified industrial processes, working under the Lean Manufacturing philosophy.

This makes our company grow in a solid and sustainable way, while creating a commitment to efficiency and quality with the entire production process, from the purchase of raw material for the production of the product, to the receipt of this product by the client with all the technical needs that he has requested.

Below we detail the different certificates that we have at Camacho Fabricación Textil:  

  • Quality: Aseguramos la calidad de nuestros productos bajo la certificación de la gestión de la calidad mediante la norma UNE-EN ISO 9001.
  • Equality: At Camacho Fabricación Textil we are all equal through the gender equality plan.
  • Conciliation: The key to our success is the human team that makes up Camacho Fabricación Textil. Therefore, we put all our effort to offer the best working conditions and conciliation through the EFR certificate.
  • Confidence: 43 years offering maximum quality and service to our clients are reflected through the distinctive Trustworthy Company.
  • Lean Manufacturing: Our philosophy of continuous improvement has led us to implement Lean Thinking and Lean Management certification as a business strategy.