Social responsability


Social Commitment

"Small actions that move the world"


By integration of people At risk of social exclusion, we maintain adhesion agreements with:

  • Andalusian public foundation for the social integration of people with mental illness (FAISEM).
  • Program INCORPORATES from la Caixa for labor integration. Obra Social, La Caixa Foundation.

Commitment to the environment

"We will not have a society if we destroy the environment"

  • We recycle 100% from waste that we generate both in offices and in production with the hiring of a company dedicated to the collection and specific treatment of waste / waste.
  • Our fabrics are legitimized under the OEKO-TEX® seal, which guarantees the use of organic dyes certified by the EU.

Solidarity Projects

"Small actions that move the world"

  • We make periodic donations to the Educational-Religious Entities, Foundations or Congregations for which we work.
  • We give complete uniforms to schoolchildren with families at risk of social exclusion.
  • We allocate funds to various non-profit entities such as AFALE (Association of Relatives Affected by Alzheimer's).
  • We collaborate with Doctors without borders, Food Banks.

Solidarity Recycling

"Reduce reuse recycle"

Through association APROSCA, we give a second useful life to part of our residual tissue. This residual fabric is cut into strips and donated to the association, with which they make artisan rugs for later sale.

In this way we contribute, on the one hand to providing a new use for a disposable fabric and on the other hand, to adding our grain of sand to the self-financing of this association and its very important social work.

You can see more information about the project on our blog.