Water-repellent gowns and gowns to protect the clothes of students and teachers against Covid-19.

The face-to-face classes return in September and the schools are preparing to take all possible preventive measures to avoid contagion in the classrooms.

The plans presented by the Government for the start of the course 2020-2021 They are, in the eyes of the educational community, scarce, so many Schools are already preparing to take extreme measures of pprevention, hygiene and health promotion against COVID-19..

This is the case of some Educational Centers of private and concerted management. Looking ahead to the next academic year, and as a preventive measure, these Schools will impose, for students and teachers, the use of waterproof babis and gowns that cover the usual clothing and preserve clothing from possible contact with microorganisms and body fluids (drops from coughs, sneezes or contaminated surfaces that can infect); so that, when you get home, your clothes are protected from any pathogens.

CAMACHO, as a benchmark company in the manufacture of school uniforms and protective clothing against Covid 19, thus responds to the demand of the Schools by incorporating a whole line of approved protective clothing and textile articles with finishes that act as a barrier to preserve students and teachers from possible contagions in the classrooms.

The gowns and babis with water-repellent finishes that Camacho is producing for the next academic year 20-21 comply with the necessary health and safety regulations. They are made of approved washable waterproof fabric with a waterproof effect that completely stops the flow of fluids into the interior, blocking water and micro-drops.

Both the waterproof, waterproof protective gowns - aimed at teaching staff and students of advanced courses - and the babis with water-repellent finish -for lower-grade schoolchildren- are, together with the Camacho homologated reusable custom masks, the great prevention options proposed by this textile manufacturer to bypass the covid-19 in schools.

CAMACHO waterproof gowns are designed to cover the torso and arms of schoolchildren and teachers. They have a pattern adapted to each user and have long sleeves that reach the wrist with cuffs finished in elastic rubber, to increase protection and comfort.

Since the pandemic started, CAMACHO It has been an example of a flexible company with the ability to reinvent itself and respond quickly to new market needs. In the words of Christian Camacho, Camacho's manager, "we have devoted ourselves to the maximum with our clients and we have adapted our activity to offer quality textile articles with high protection against the virus ".

Along with the usual manufacture of school uniformslabor and technical sportswear, the company currently produces all kinds of protective sanitary clothing: surgical gowns, reusable and washable protective gowns, reusable booties, waterproof overalls, protective caps and watertight garments for agri-food companies, reusable approved masks UNE 0065/2020, in addition to shrouds and other textile articles aimed at curbing the critical situation we are going through.

We also recall that in the midst of the pandemic Camacho reorganized all its production and donated more than 100,000 masks to meet the needs of the most vulnerable groups.

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